Holiday Stickers, Tracking and Planning!

I love the holidays, but because I am a planner I need organization in my life! Every year I try to make the holiday’s go smooth for everyone, which means the more organized and prepared I am the better. In past years I have kept a log on tracking and shipping information in the note pages of my EC, but sometimes that became a mess. So this year I created tracking stickers to help me keep track. Planning is my key to making busy times in life work. Laying out everything that needs to be done, what I want to get done, and of course being financially responsible in the process, it’s easy to over spend on the holidays.

img_3670 img_3671img_3669

I had made some simple stickers for bills in the past but found that they weren’t working for me as well as I wanted. So I made some changes! I like to use a large sidebar sticker in my notes section but found I didn’t have enough room, then I tried small stickers in the monthly boxes, but ended up with no room to write the rest of my reminders for the month. So I made these and am using them in the weekly layout then in my monthly I simply write the bill name in the monthly box.

img_3668 img_3667

Last but not least I made some functional but cute stickers for my weekly layouts. I like stickers that are cute but functional.

img_3661 img_3662 img_3664       img_3665

I am excited to get to planning all the holiday festivities, Thanksgiving is coming up and will be doing my annual Thanksgiving Run! Then I started thinking why not a Christmas Run also?

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Wishing you a fantastic day!



Took the Etsy Plung

I have been making labels and planner stickers for more than a year for my personal use and found a passion with it. It all started with the purchase of a cricut explorer which is where my learning began. About 6 months ago I purchased a Silhouette Cameo and WOW it opened up design doors I did not have before with my cricut. I love them both but for labels and stickers I prefer my Silhouette.

When I first dove into essential oils, the fun part is making all kinds of useful household products. I began making our own soap, shaving cream, lotions, hand soap, scrubs, bath soaks, face washes, deodorant, lip balm, and more. However it’s no fun when your washi tape comes off your container; which is how I first labeled everything. I started making labels and not only love the way they look cute yet professional but solved the issues with labels falling off.

I have been making things for other people for more than a year and after much support and love from my family and friends who have encouraged me for months to open up an etsy shop and share what I love doing with others. I will list what I make in my shop, well what I can. I made these after one of my favorites Tokidoki. (copyright laws and all so won’t see these in my shop) They go so well with my kaiju city collection.









I recently made these lip balm labels that I received awesome feedback on! (these are in my shop)

49800037426__c5a4b249-9999-4e3a-9302-e2f3adf35f94 img_3406








I am excited about this new little adventurous journey. I will be offering custom work as well, I know not everyone loves Pumpkin Everything as I do so that won’t fit everyone’s needs when they are doing a make and take, DIY for gifts, or even selling their handmade essential oil products. I hope that you will come favorite my shop as I will be adding new designs often and having sales, and bonus buys in the future! I am looking forward to either helping your planner fun and functional needs or helping a little with your essential oil goodies.

Faith XOXO

Prioritizing Time- Get things Done!

If you’re priorities are not on point you will be continually be frustrated, there will never seem like there is enough time in one day. I hope this post will help you remember one very important thing…GIVE YOURSELF GRACE.

When I am finding that life feels out of balance there are a few things I do to help gather myself and put life back in check. First remind myself that the little things do make a difference. It’s the little things that make the biggest impact. So number one…Do the little things well with Consistency. Consistency is KEY! One of the best quotes I can think of is Simplicity with Repetition. It works!

Not everyone is the best when it comes to organization, my BFF is my planner. I use it to track my time, prioritize, and set goals. I have tried to use my phone, ipad, post it notes, scratch paper stuck on the fridge with a cute magnet, none of it worked for me. A few years ago I went back to the basics a paper planner. I now use my phone to remind me of important events because sometimes you just need that annoying alarm to go off to keep you in check. Or maybe that’s just me LOL  There are a multitude of planners out there, find one that works best for you. Look at the size and layout, those are important. I like a planner that will fit in my purse, something that has a weekly and monthly layout and plenty of room for notes. I will post a few links at planners I have tried. I love my Erin Condren planner, it’s what works best for me.

When you use a  planner this will help to FOCUS your TIME. GET THINGS DONE! Schedule every second of your day, spend YOUR time how you want not how others want you to, don’t get lost in FaceBook, Pinterest, or other social media sites, it can be so easy to do but if you have your planner out and follow it, you will find that your productivity increases. Creating Balance!

Goals vs Desire
A goal is something you can achieve all on your own and doesn’t’ require another person.
A desire is something that requires another person to achieve.
I make a list at the beginning of every month of my goals and desires. Then I work on them through the month, setting smaller goals each week. Making it a priority to get all the little things done each week.
We all have basic life requirements, laundry, dishes, food shopping etc. These little things all matter in our lives. I break them down every week, scheduling time to get them done. For example, on Friday’s I schedule 3 hours to get food shopping done; I like to get the most for my money so I shop at 4 to 5 different stores. I schedule Wednesday mornings and Saturday afternoons for laundry; with a household of 6 there’s a lot of laundry. Dishes I schedule to get done every morning, I do them while my coffee is making. I scheduled my daily workouts, Facebook time, and time to read every day for 30 minutes. You get the idea.  All of these that I have listed are small weekly goals, when I stick to my plan we have clean laundry, food in the house, clean dishes, and I have time to keep my mind active, interact with others, and best of all keep to a fitness routine.


  • choose one day a week to plan your week
  • leave room for things that will come up in your week unexpectedly
  • add stickers and/or washi tape for fun and bold reminders
  • find a great pen
  • Don’t take on other’s crisis
  • work your goals and give desires to God
  • be teachable
  • set priorities
  • Do all the little things well and consistently


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