Took the Etsy Plung

I have been making labels and planner stickers for more than a year for my personal use and found a passion with it. It all started with the purchase of a cricut explorer which is where my learning began. About 6 months ago I purchased a Silhouette Cameo and WOW it opened up design doors I did not have before with my cricut. I love them both but for labels and stickers I prefer my Silhouette.

When I first dove into essential oils, the fun part is making all kinds of useful household products. I began making our own soap, shaving cream, lotions, hand soap, scrubs, bath soaks, face washes, deodorant, lip balm, and more. However it’s no fun when your washi tape comes off your container; which is how I first labeled everything. I started making labels and not only love the way they look cute yet professional but solved the issues with labels falling off.

I have been making things for other people for more than a year and after much support and love from my family and friends who have encouraged me for months to open up an etsy shop and share what I love doing with others. I will list what I make in my shop, well what I can. I made these after one of my favorites Tokidoki. (copyright laws and all so won’t see these in my shop) They go so well with my kaiju city collection.









I recently made these lip balm labels that I received awesome feedback on! (these are in my shop)

49800037426__c5a4b249-9999-4e3a-9302-e2f3adf35f94 img_3406








I am excited about this new little adventurous journey. I will be offering custom work as well, I know not everyone loves Pumpkin Everything as I do so that won’t fit everyone’s needs when they are doing a make and take, DIY for gifts, or even selling their handmade essential oil products. I hope that you will come favorite my shop as I will be adding new designs often and having sales, and bonus buys in the future! I am looking forward to either helping your planner fun and functional needs or helping a little with your essential oil goodies.

Faith XOXO


Hot Process Soap

I love to make my soap a little differently every time but the base is the same. For this one I used coconut milk and Lavender. My family and friends love my soaps and it makes wonderful gifts for any occasion.


Hot Process Soap SUPPLIES:

-8 oz coconut oil
-22 oz other carrier oil (i like safflower)
-4 oz lye
-10.5 oz water
-crockpot (only to be used for soaps)
-2 glass mixing bowls
-kitchen scale
-stick blender
-color (eye shadow, powder clays, mica powder, or food coloring)
-essential oils or soap fragrance
-silicone loaf pan mold
-solo cup
*Your crockpot, glass bowls, stick blender, and spatula used to make hot process soaps should be dedicated to soap making.

Step 1: Measure out base oils

  • Starting with the solid oils, measure coconut oil and other carrier and place it into your crock pot that is set on low. 

Step 2: Measure out water and lye

  • measure out water into a glass bowl
  • measure out lye in solo cup
  • in well ventilated area (either outside or under stove vent with fan on high) add lye to water. IMPORTANT NOTE: Always add the sodium hydroxide (lye) to the water. NOT the water to the sodium hydroxide. add a little at a time and stir with spatula. 

Step 3: Combine lye mix to oils

  • once oils in crockpot have completely melted, slowly add Lye water to your crockpot oils while using your stick blender to mix well. Maintain a steady, strong stirring motion. Not so fast as to splash but fast enough to keep the mixture in constant motion. Mix until trace- which is when it becomes like pudding. 

Step 4: Let Cook

  • allow soap to cook until edges are folding in and it is the consistency of mashed potatoes. (if it starts to bubble over you can stir with spatula gently) 
  • while this is cooking prepare color. add 1 tbsp safflower oil to mica or other colorant such as turmeric, red clay or other natural colorant, add enough color to get color you want.

Step 5: Add Color and or additives

  • you can add one color or several
    • to add one color just add mica oil mix to crockpot and stir or swirl with spatula 
    • to add more than one color. 
      • divide soap into section in glass bowls. one for each color you would like. Add each color you want into sectioned out soap bowls. you will want to work quickly so that soap does not begin to harden.
  • you can add flowers at this time, just stir in.

Step 6: Add fragrance or EO

  • add fragrance or essential oils into soap and stir well with spatula, add as many drops as you need until desired smell.

Step 7: Scoop into Mold

  • for single color pour all of your soap into a loaf mold
  • for multiple colors pour one at a time in a layered fashion
  • Make sure to gently tap the mold on the counter to get any air bubbles out. 

Step 8: Curing and Cutting

  • allow soap to sit in mold for 24-48 hours
  • once it is hardened you can remove it from the mold. 
  • use cutter and cut into bars
  • store in zip lock bag or airtight container until ready to use. 

To make the lavender soap as shown, I used 8 oz coconut oil, 22 oz safflower oil, 4 oz lye, 5.25 oz water, and 13 oz can organic coconut milk. The water I used to mix with the lye and the coconut milk I added to my crockpot with coconut oil and safflower oil. I mixed in lavender and lemongrass essential oil and organic lavender buds, then once I had my soap poured into my mold I sprinkled Lavender on top and pressed it in gently with my spatula. Allowed to sit for 24 hours and then cut.

Lavender & Lemongrass Coconut milk Soap

Lavender & Lemongrass Coconut milk Soap



Skin Loving DIY

I made  some awesome skin Loving goodies this week as gifts!! I love these two and l wanted to share with you just why I Love them and recipes so you can make some too.

Cinnamon Orange Body Scrub smells amazing but also is made with ingredients that has many benefits for your skin!

cinnamon Orange Scrub

*Coconut oil is AMAZING all around but also very beneficial for your skin. Moisturizing, anti-aging, contains vitamin E, and when used in a body scrub aids in removing dead skin cells to reveal smoother skin.

*Cinnamon is great for skin!! Cinnamon has many benefits but some are to help to sooth and soften dry skin, also improves skin tone, reduce signs of aging, and aid in cleansing.

*Orange is great for moisturizing your skin, aiding in signs of aging, and refreshing for your skin!

Cinnamon Orange Body Scrub
1 cup organic sugar
1/4 cup + 2 tbsp coconut oil
9 drops Orange EO
1 tsp organic ground cinnamon
zest of 1 large Orange

In a small bowl mix up sugar and coconut oil, add zest of orange stir well and then add orange oil and stir well. then spoon into container and label. (these will keep for about 2 months) will make about 10 oz

Joyful Rose Sea Salt Bath Soak has a very relaxing scent, is skin nourishing and detoxifying.

Joyful Rose soak

*Himalayan salt is great for detoxification.

*Dried Rose petals are relaxing, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory.

*Epsom salt is a natural exfoliant and anti-inflammation that is great for dry skin and sore muscles.

*Baking Soda helps to detoxify and soften skin.

*Joy Essential Oil is uplifting and smells wonderful. Joy contains Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lemon, Coriander, Tangerine. Jasmine, Roman chamomile, Palmarosa, and Rose essential oils. Which is why this oil is one of my very favorites!

Joyful Rose sea salt bath soak
1/4 cup Himalayan salt
2 tbsp dried rose petal or buds
1/2 cup epsom salt
1/4 cup baking soda
5 drops Joy essential oil

You will want to use a food processor (I use my NutriBullet) to grind Himalayan salt until it’s finely ground. In small bowl combine himalayan salt, epsom salt and stir well. Then add baking soda and mix well. Next add your rose petals, these you will want to light crush and mix in well. Next add EO and mix well. Then spoon into container and label. will make about 10 oz



DIY Coffee Scrub

Did you know that coffee scrubs are great for helping to reduce cellulite? They are refreshing, pampering and beneficial. After  K&K posted today about their top tips for reducing cellulite I thought I would share some of my favorite scrub recipe. Coffee Scrubs not only help to reduce cellulite but they smooth and and firm skin.

See Tone it Up 7 tips here :: Number 4 is coffee scrub!

First I use essential oils in my scrubs and I only use the best because I am very careful about what I am putting into my body and on my skin…since your skin is your largest organ. Your skin absorbs 60% – 80% of what it comes in contact with. I prefer not to rub chemicals all over me, I eat healthy, workout daily..why would I sabotage myself with chemicals on my skin? I wouldn’t. To see the essential oils I use click here ::

So what oils do I add to my scrubs? here are a few suggestions, I like to switch them up!

  • Grapefruit :: it  detoxifies and helps to remove cellulite. I also eat grapefruit on a weekly basis, it has vitamin c and aids in weight loss.
  • Cypress :: it improves blood circulation, prevents fluid retention, and detoxifies.
  • Germanium ::  not only does this one help with reducing cellulite but it’s also skin toning. I also use this on my face.
  • Rosemary :: because I love the smell for one but it’s great for blood circulation.
  • Cinnamon :: increases circulation and re-enforces connective tissue. I also eat a lot of cinnamon, love it sprinkled on my apples and trail mix.
  • Citrus Fresh ::  this is one of my favorites because it’s great for blood circulation, water retention, tightens skin, and strengthens blood vessels.
  • Lemongrass :: is an awesome oil but it has an amazing way of reducing cellulite.

DIY COFFEE SCRUB                     homemade-face-body-organic-all-natural-coffee-scrub-peeling-cinnamon-close-up-57999729

  • 1 Cup ground organic coffee
  • 1 Cup organic sugar or salt
  • ½ Cup organic coconut oil
  • ½ Tablespoon cinnamon (optional)
  • 6-8 drops essential oil
  1. Melt coconut oil and allow it to cool but not solidify.
  2. Mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight container or mason jar.
  3. Use 1-2 times a week (or every day if you like).


Using a palm full of the scrub, start towards the end of your body (towards your feet) and work your way up exfoliating in a circular motion until you’ve reached your neck. You can use this on your face if you’d like, it just depends on your skin’s sensitivity to exfoliants. (If you have a caffeine sensitivity you may want to use these only in the morning so it doesn’t prevent you from getting to bed on time) Let set for 15 to 30 minutes and then rinse.  Store in an airtight bag or mason jar if you have any leftover.

Note :: be prepared to get really messy in the shower before you get clean, the coffee grounds will go everywhere! But that’s the fun of it, right?

Additional Option :: You can also make individual scrubs. simply add the mix to muffin tin, freeze for about 25-35 minutes, pop them out and then store in airtight container in the freezer until you’re ready to use one. Grab one and head to the shower.


DIY Non-Greasy Body Butter


Non-Greasy Whipped Body Butter
*1/2 cup unrefined shea butter
*1/2 cup unrefined cocoa or mango butter
*1/2 cup coconut oil
*1/2 cup liquid oil (or any two combinations of almond, hemp, rosehip, sunflower, grapeseed, olive, etc.)
*2 TBSP arrowroot powder (optional but helps the oils from the body butter to sink into the skin faster and leaving a less greasy feeling can also use 1 tbsp Kaolin Clay + 1 tbsp arrowroot)
*1 tsp vitamin e (optional but helps to moisturize and keeps oils fresh longer)
*essential oils- I like using patchouli, tea tree, frankincense, and orange or geranium, lavender, and Palmarosa. I also love lavender and frank. for pain support cream I use peppermint, panaway, lemongrass, copaiba, and valor. I get my essential oils here:

Combine the butters and coconut oil in a double broiler (or makeshift one with pyrex glass bowl over pan of water) and melt.

Once mixture has completely melted, allow to sit for 20 min. Pour into glass bowl and then place in freezer or bowl in ice bath.

In a separate bowl combine liquid oils, vitamin E, and arrowroot. I use a fork to mix these well. then set aside

Once butter is halfway hardened, edges will be solid and middle will be liquid or like the consistency of jello. Remove from freezer or ice bath and Pour in the arrowroot liquid oil mix and blend with hand mixer.

If it isn’t whipping up place in freezer again for a few minutes. If it is still not whipping up for you, place bowl in ice bath and use blender to whip while bowl is still in ice bath.

Once it is whipped now you will add essential oils. ** I like to separate this recipe into 3 separate bowls at this time so that I can make lotion, pain cream, rubs or add different oils other than what I would normally use for daily lotion.

The butter will be more solidified into it’s true consistency overnight. So it’s it seems a bit thinner than you usually like, let it sit overnight it will become thicker.

Store in airtight container and enjoy!



Simplified Body Butter

*1/2 cup shea or cocoa butter
*2 TBS grapeseed oil
*2 TBS sunflower or safflower oil
*1/4 TSP vitamin E oil
*1/2 TSP arrowroot powder
10-15 drops EO
(For Pain cream: 10 drops peppermint, 10 drops panaway, 5 drops Lemongrass, 5 drops copaiba, 5 drops valor)

Combine shea butter, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil in bowl and melt in double broiler.

in a small bowl mix vitamin E and arrowroot.

Allow melted oils and butter to sit for 10 min, transfer to glass bowl and allow to sit in freezer or ice bath until formed. edges will be solid and middle will be liquid or like the consistency of jello. Remove from freezer or ice bath and add arrowroot and vitamin E oil mix and blend with hand mixer.

If it isn’t whipping up place in freezer again for a few minutes. If it is still not whipping up for you, place bowl in ice bath and use blender to whip while bowl is still in ice bath.

Once it is whipped now you will add essential oils. Mix and store in airtight container.

DIY Sugar Body Scrub & Peppermint Chocolate Lip Balm


Individual Sugar Body Scrub
What you’ll need:
2 oz. by weight clear glycerin soap
2 oz. by weight grape seed oil (jojoba, sweet almond or olive oil may be substituted)
6 oz. by weight white sugar
Soap color of your choice *optional
15- 20 Essential Oil of your choice
2-cup glass measuring cup
AirTight Container

Step 1: Melt 2 oz clear glycerin soap in the microwave using your 2 cup glass measuring cup for 30 sec or until melted. 

Step 2: Mix 2 oz of grapeseed oil or choose substitute. if mix starts to thicken put it back into the microwave for just a few seconds. 

Step 3: add color of choice

Step 4: add 15-20 drops of Essential Oil. 

Step 5: Add 6 oz sugar and stir continuously until completely blended. 

Step 6: spoon mixture into mold. If it’s too thick to spoon into mold heat mix in microwave for just a few seconds but not too long as your sugar will begin to dissolve. You can use spoon or your fingers to pack into mold if needed, since mix will begin to thicken fairly quickly.

Step 7: Allow mixture to harden at room temperature and then pop out of molds and store in airtight container.

Just take one scrub into the shower and knead a little with water and then scrub body. These will stay fresh for 3 months.


Peppermint Chocolate Lip Balm
You will need:
5 tbsp beeswax pellets
4 tbsp coconut oil
1 1/2 tbsp vitamin E oil
15 drops peppermint Essential Oil
2 tsp cocoa powder
round pot (like these Amazon lip balm container )
2 cup glass measuring cup
1 large pot

Step 1: Fill large pot with 1/4 water and place 2 cup measuring cup inside. on medium heat allow water to warm. You will be using your 2 cup measuring cup and pot as a double boiler.

Step 2: add beeswax into 2 cup measuring cup and stir as it melts. Once it is almost completely melted add in coconut oil and removed from heat.

Step 3: add vitamin E oil, stir gently as oils will be hot.

Step 4: add cocoa powder and stir until completely mixed. If you would like a darker chocolate look just add another tsp.

Step 5: add Peppermint oil and stir well

Step 6: using pour spout on measuring cup carefully fill each lip balm round pot or you can use a medicine dropper. 

Allow lip balm to cool and set, usually takes 30-45 min.

DIY Simple Soap

Let’s talk DIY. I love it and am always looking for new things to create. I love making things for others; to me the best gift is one that is personally invested. When I get a handmade card for my birthday, it’s always the best. It’s not the art or what it necessarily says but to know that the person who made it personally invested their precious time making all just for me.

The last few days I have been making soap, lots of soap! Making soap is something new I have picked up and added to my DIY lists. I love how simple it is and all the ways you can customize it to fit your likes and needs plus is quite fun. I love natural products and to know exactly what I am putting on my largest organ, my skin!

IMG_0807I use melt and pour soap base to make soaps. I personally don’t want to mess with lye, so this works best for me. It’s simple, affordable, and made with ingredients I can pronounce. That’s important to me. I found a recipe on Soap Queen and I did make some adjustments. Since I was not sure how it would turn out I cut the recipe into 3rds. I used melt and pour goats milk soap base, activated charcoal, and red clay. I only use Young Living Essential oils.  I used Tea Tree for the charcoal layer, Ylang Ylang for the white layer, and Frankincense and Lavender for the red clay layer. I used one section of a 4 loaf silicone loaf tray. Once it was set I cut it into several pieces. This whole project I was able to complete in about 30 minutes. I love how it turned out and it smells amazing! I will put links below to items I used.

IMG_0808   IMG_0809   IMG_0810   IMG_0811


Today I made soap with a friend of mine. We used the same style as I used before but we decided to recreate. This time using Shea butter soap base, goats milk, charcoal, and Indian healing clay. We used Tea Tree for the charcoal/shea butter layer, Ylang Ylang  for the Indian clay/ shea butter layer, and frankincense for the white goats milk layer. Once it was set I cut it into long slices just like the other one.

IMG_0814    IMG_0815    IMG_0817



This is after wrapping.


Then for one last soap for the week I deiced to use some Star Wars Jello molds that I had. For these I used clear glycerin soap base and red and green soap coloring. For the red top layer I used Lemongrass essential oil and for the green bottom layer I used Rosemary essential oil.

IMG_0823   IMG_0824   IMG_0825


Links for items used.
Starwest Botanicals Charcoal Powder (Activated)
Red Clay Powder Moroccan
Easy Flex Silicone Four Cavity Mini Loaf Pan
Star Wars Jello Mold
Young Living Essential Oils
Goats Milk Soap Base
Shea Butter Soap Base
Clear Glycerin Soap Base Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Additional Items you will need: Rubbing alcohol in small spray bottle, knife, a few spoons, glass measuring cup, hand blender or whisk, medium size cup or small glass bowl. To wrap soap I used saran wrap, clear tape, and for a more festive look I cut apart Dollar Tree Christmas Party Bags.

*Frugal Tip: The Star Wars Jello molds I originally found at Wal-Mart in store, they were much cheaper than Amazon so you may want to check your local Wal-Mart. For the soap base and mini loaf pan I bought them at our local Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. I used coupons so was able to get 40% – 50% off each one and they were much cheaper than Amazon that way.

I hope this will inspire and encourage you to try and make some soap, make it a girls night or whip up a nice gift for friends and family this Christmas.

xoxo Faith