Attention Girls,

Let’s talk tampons for a moment shall we. Let’s just clear the air…periods simply suck. I haven’t met a woman yet who looks forward to her monthly, have you?

Wanna know what sucks worse? Using tampons that are filled with toxic chemicals, dyes, synthetics, and fragrances. Yeah I didn’t know that was even a thing!

Yes. It totally is. Conventional cotton accounts for nearly 25% of the insecticides and 10% of the pesticides used throughout the world. So, the stuff lingering in the tampons we use during Aunt Flow’s week-long visit is damaging our health more than we can see.

As I have begun my journey to removing toxins from my life and home I am looking for alternatives to replace my brand I have used for the last 30 years. Simply I just never thought about toxins in feminine care products, seriously who would have thought!!

I am trying these this month, I found them at my local Target! Funny enough the panty liners were cheaper than the usual brand I purchase and work better and the tampons were the same price but I have not tested them yet so I can’t tell you how well they do or do not work just yet!

I am looking at a monthly subscription box, I haven’t tried it yet but with all the perks I am totally interested in trying it out!! The tampon subscription box is from a company called She which is an organic cotton customizable monthly subscription box. They offer free shipping, free email reminder before your box ships, you can cancel or skip a month at any time and they offer two box sizes 18 count ($10) or 32 count ($15) which you choose how many lite, regular, and super will be in your box. You can get a mix of them or one box with filled with just one size. It’s totally up to your needs. If you have tried them I would love to hear from you!

I encourage you to research what is in your monthly feminine care products and see why I am choosing to go organic on this one!! Did you know tampon and sanitary pad manufacturers aren’t required to disclose ingredients because feminine hygiene products are considered “medical devices.”

I was reading a blog on HuffPost and was shocked by this video that demonstrates what happens when an organic vs. conventional sanitary pad is burned. The 100 percent organic cotton pad, made by Natracare, burns slow and clean, leaving virtually no sooty residue. But the Always Infinity pad with its mostly undisclosed ingredients creates black smoke and thick residue, indicating the pad may contain dioxins, synthetic fibers and petrochemical additives. click here to read the full blog!

Do you use organic feminine products? I would love to hear the alternatives you have found to work well for you!



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