Here we GO!!! Bikini Series Week 2

Are you ready? I am!! Last week was awesome! I use instagram for my check in’s, keeps me accountable and with a huge support team from all the tone it up girls!!

See my instagram check in’s here:

I am doing the workouts from Beach Babe 4 but there are FREE workouts too. They are posted every Sunday for you, so you have time to prep as you need to. Get your gym clothes for the week laid out, pack them in a bag so you’re ready to go every morning.

To get your videos for the free schedule visit here:

To get your daily workout visit here:

Have you checked out their phone app? I love it because I can pull up a workout or recipe right on my phone. There is also a large community you can access.


Tone it up for iPhone:

Tone it up for Andriod:


Food Prep Tips:

Freeze your bananas, I like to slice mine and store them for my smoothies. no need for ice this way and they are much smoother in texture.

Wash and cut your veggies, I like to wash and cut all my veggies for the week. Helps me cut down on the time it takes to make meals throughout the week.

Fruit infused water, I make it every night for the next day. it’s delicious, helps keep my water intake on task. I like to change it up but usually include lemons, limes, ginger, and a variety of fruit.

Overnight oats, I make them on Sunday so I have breakfast ready to go everyday.

Protein, I make what I need on Sunday to last until Wednesday. On Wednesday I make more to get me through Saturday.

Snacks, I prepare those on Sunday’s. Dividing them into proper portions and ready to go containers, so I am never without a snack. I also keep a snack in my purse, usually a think thin bar or 1/4 cup of trail mix.

Here’s to a successful week 2.



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