DIY Sugar Body Scrub & Peppermint Chocolate Lip Balm


Individual Sugar Body Scrub
What you’ll need:
2 oz. by weight clear glycerin soap
2 oz. by weight grape seed oil (jojoba, sweet almond or olive oil may be substituted)
6 oz. by weight white sugar
Soap color of your choice *optional
15- 20 Essential Oil of your choice
2-cup glass measuring cup
AirTight Container

Step 1: Melt 2 oz clear glycerin soap in the microwave using your 2 cup glass measuring cup for 30 sec or until melted. 

Step 2: Mix 2 oz of grapeseed oil or choose substitute. if mix starts to thicken put it back into the microwave for just a few seconds. 

Step 3: add color of choice

Step 4: add 15-20 drops of Essential Oil. 

Step 5: Add 6 oz sugar and stir continuously until completely blended. 

Step 6: spoon mixture into mold. If it’s too thick to spoon into mold heat mix in microwave for just a few seconds but not too long as your sugar will begin to dissolve. You can use spoon or your fingers to pack into mold if needed, since mix will begin to thicken fairly quickly.

Step 7: Allow mixture to harden at room temperature and then pop out of molds and store in airtight container.

Just take one scrub into the shower and knead a little with water and then scrub body. These will stay fresh for 3 months.


Peppermint Chocolate Lip Balm
You will need:
5 tbsp beeswax pellets
4 tbsp coconut oil
1 1/2 tbsp vitamin E oil
15 drops peppermint Essential Oil
2 tsp cocoa powder
round pot (like these Amazon lip balm container )
2 cup glass measuring cup
1 large pot

Step 1: Fill large pot with 1/4 water and place 2 cup measuring cup inside. on medium heat allow water to warm. You will be using your 2 cup measuring cup and pot as a double boiler.

Step 2: add beeswax into 2 cup measuring cup and stir as it melts. Once it is almost completely melted add in coconut oil and removed from heat.

Step 3: add vitamin E oil, stir gently as oils will be hot.

Step 4: add cocoa powder and stir until completely mixed. If you would like a darker chocolate look just add another tsp.

Step 5: add Peppermint oil and stir well

Step 6: using pour spout on measuring cup carefully fill each lip balm round pot or you can use a medicine dropper. 

Allow lip balm to cool and set, usually takes 30-45 min.


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