My Journey to Tone it Up

As I started my journey to a healthier me I tried a lot of different things. I got advice from just about everyone that included some very unhealthy tips as a way to weight loss. When I began I had no idea what I was doing, I just knew I needed to lose weight and regain my body back. I not only wanted to drop pounds and inches but I wanted to ditch diabetes and high blood pressure, I wanted to be able to walk up and down the stairs without being winded after the first 4 steps. How to get there was the question.

Thankfully my husband is a Marine, he is someone I trust with my life and knew would not lead me astray or in the wrong direction. He told me to start with calisthenics. My husband helped me get my start, pushing me when I wanted to quit after the first 5 sit-ups. When it came to food, he was just as helpless as I was in that department. Sure he knew to eat veggies and lots of them, he knew to have portion control, but for weight loss that was something he never had to do.

That didn’t stop many from giving me advice like don’t eat for three days and then eat what ever you want, drink only ginger lemon water and eat popcorn, drink and eat only things that have zero fat, if you get hungry chew the food but don’t swallow it, chew gum and trick your body that you are eating;  yes this was some of the food tips I received from friends and family.  None of these tips and tricks are healthy in fact they are down right unhealthy and dangerous. Then there was the advice on fitness, some of the tips were to run in Arizona summer heat of 110 and then some in a sauna suite, workout for 2 hours twice a day, and there was a huge push for cardio and lots of it.

I thought most of this sounded crazy to me, so I started with my husband’s advice for fitness. For food I started researching and became even more confused as to how to handle that . I decided to take a few college course’s on health and fitness.  In the mean time as I was learning I was still doing my calisthenics and was using my Wii fit. I had become aware of my food, so I cut out all fast food to start. I tried weight watchers, which didn’t work well for me not because it’s not a good program it is but it was not for me. I tried battle seeing a nutritionist and although I learned some things from her again it was not a fit for me. Pills, shakes, and soups diets just didn’t appeal to me. I wanted a lifestyle not a yo-yo diet. With a few health classes under my belt I began to make up my own workouts and gathering recipes from the internet, started subscribing to several health magazines, and found a happy medium. I was able to lose weight with changing my food and adding daily fitness but I was not satisfied; I wanted to learn more!

My first program I used was in 2013; Fighter Diet I love Pauline Nordin! Pauline is truly an amazing woman, from her I learned about the female body and how important greens and weights are. I didn’t stick with it though. In 2014 one day I saw something intriguing pop up on Facebook, Bikini Series Challenge. Here were these two girls who had a reality show on Bravo which I had never heard of before, I signed up it was free so why not is how I thought. From that first challenge in 2014 I was hooked. I found a fitness routine and plan that worked for me, I was excited to see what’s next and it was laid out every week for me. For almost a year I followed the Tone it Up workouts and tried the recipes they offer free on their site, but I wanted more so I became a member of Tone it Up. I love their nutrition plan and how it accommodates different restrictions; for me I am gluten-free and allergic to dairy, so my food options are limited at times however this is what I love about them. They offer me options that are delicious and nutritious without gluten or dairy. They are continually added new recipes and it makes healthy eating simple and affordable with so many options to choose from. Every Sunday they put out a free workout schedule and there are many challenges though the year. What I can’t say enough about is the community, it’s the support that I needed. Women all on the same journey to a healthy fit life. I may only know these women on-line but over the last two years now I am bonded with these ladies.

Honestly I have never felt better! I saw improvements in my body after beginning with Tone it Up, I toned up and gained confidence, strength, and endurance. My workouts now generally consist of running, HIIT, kettlebells, yoga, and fun! I work out at home, if you are looking for a fitness plan that combines healthy eating with a great support community I highly recommend checking out Tone it Up. There is a new challenge coming up to help start off the new year, it’s free and you can sigh up here Tone it Up Challenge

I post most of my fitness updates and do my challenge check-ins on Instagram  

I love my Tone it up Gear, I got this on Black Friday sale but there is still a current promotion going on, I do not now how long it will last but you can check it out here Tone it Up Nutrition Plan


Tone it Up Black Friday Member Bundle


XOXO Faith

*I am not sponsored by Tone it Up or Fighter Diet. My advice is of my own experience.


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