DIY Simple Soap

Let’s talk DIY. I love it and am always looking for new things to create. I love making things for others; to me the best gift is one that is personally invested. When I get a handmade card for my birthday, it’s always the best. It’s not the art or what it necessarily says but to know that the person who made it personally invested their precious time making all just for me.

The last few days I have been making soap, lots of soap! Making soap is something new I have picked up and added to my DIY lists. I love how simple it is and all the ways you can customize it to fit your likes and needs plus is quite fun. I love natural products and to know exactly what I am putting on my largest organ, my skin!

IMG_0807I use melt and pour soap base to make soaps. I personally don’t want to mess with lye, so this works best for me. It’s simple, affordable, and made with ingredients I can pronounce. That’s important to me. I found a recipe on Soap Queen and I did make some adjustments. Since I was not sure how it would turn out I cut the recipe into 3rds. I used melt and pour goats milk soap base, activated charcoal, and red clay. I only use Young Living Essential oils.  I used Tea Tree for the charcoal layer, Ylang Ylang for the white layer, and Frankincense and Lavender for the red clay layer. I used one section of a 4 loaf silicone loaf tray. Once it was set I cut it into several pieces. This whole project I was able to complete in about 30 minutes. I love how it turned out and it smells amazing! I will put links below to items I used.

IMG_0808   IMG_0809   IMG_0810   IMG_0811


Today I made soap with a friend of mine. We used the same style as I used before but we decided to recreate. This time using Shea butter soap base, goats milk, charcoal, and Indian healing clay. We used Tea Tree for the charcoal/shea butter layer, Ylang Ylang  for the Indian clay/ shea butter layer, and frankincense for the white goats milk layer. Once it was set I cut it into long slices just like the other one.

IMG_0814    IMG_0815    IMG_0817



This is after wrapping.


Then for one last soap for the week I deiced to use some Star Wars Jello molds that I had. For these I used clear glycerin soap base and red and green soap coloring. For the red top layer I used Lemongrass essential oil and for the green bottom layer I used Rosemary essential oil.

IMG_0823   IMG_0824   IMG_0825


Links for items used.
Starwest Botanicals Charcoal Powder (Activated)
Red Clay Powder Moroccan
Easy Flex Silicone Four Cavity Mini Loaf Pan
Star Wars Jello Mold
Young Living Essential Oils
Goats Milk Soap Base
Shea Butter Soap Base
Clear Glycerin Soap Base Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Additional Items you will need: Rubbing alcohol in small spray bottle, knife, a few spoons, glass measuring cup, hand blender or whisk, medium size cup or small glass bowl. To wrap soap I used saran wrap, clear tape, and for a more festive look I cut apart Dollar Tree Christmas Party Bags.

*Frugal Tip: The Star Wars Jello molds I originally found at Wal-Mart in store, they were much cheaper than Amazon so you may want to check your local Wal-Mart. For the soap base and mini loaf pan I bought them at our local Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. I used coupons so was able to get 40% – 50% off each one and they were much cheaper than Amazon that way.

I hope this will inspire and encourage you to try and make some soap, make it a girls night or whip up a nice gift for friends and family this Christmas.

xoxo Faith


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