It’s a Start

I have been asked many times if I have a blog, I have thought about it quite often but now here I am sitting down to get started. One of those to-do’s that I never seem to get to. Truly because I put it off, not know what to say or how to get started. So here we go…this is my blog and I hope you will join me as I share all the things I’m crazy about from family, fitness, God, my planner, lots of crafts and a little in between.

I guess I should start at the beginning for fitness talk. My journey to a healthier me began in 2009.

When I saw a picture of myself. (picture on lower right)
I had no idea just how much weight I had put on over a few years time, until I saw that picture and didn’t recognize myself. I didn’t own a scale at the time but I went out at bought one, soon after I was at the doctors office. I tested positive for diabetes my blood pressure was high. At this time climbing the stairs in my home was difficult, it literally took my breath away. I knew I had to loose weight. I had no idea where to start or what I could do. My husband is a Marine, he told me to start with calisthenics. My knees hurt, were swollen, and I thought I was going to pass out or throw up, heck maybe both. I made my goals short term, I didn’t even want to think about how much in total I had to loose because that overwhelmed and terrified me.

My first goal was to loose 10 lbs. When I made it through my first week, I knew I had to find something else because I hated every workout, I dreaded them. I started walking from my house to my mailboxes, but I needed more and in the 100+ AZ summer heat I overheated too easily, I wasn’t in shape for it yet. I borrowed a treadmill for two weeks, but found that I truly didn’t enjoy that either and it was extremely painful on my knee. Back to searching again while still pushing through my husbands loving words during calisthenics, he would continually tell me “pain is weakness leaving the body” I wanted to duct tape his mouth every time he said it but I knew he was only trying to keep me going. I found an elliptical used and tada…had found the perfect fit for me. I loved it, looked forward to it every day. Each week I would increase resistance and was finally feeling like I was getting somewhere, like hey I can do this!


Now my food well that is a whole new level of learning. I thought I knew what healthy eating was until I took nutrition classes, Oh boy did that blow me away. I had to erase everything I thought I knew about food and start over, that was a whole new level of challenging. Like with finding a fitness routine I had to find a food routine that I could live with, because this was not a diet I was on this was a lifestyle overhaul.

Over 2 years I found what works for me, by 2011 I had lost a total of 125 lbs. but I was not done, by 2012 I reached my goal and had lost a 165 lbs total. I have kept off that weight and continued to focus on toning. This is how I became who I am today, I love running and eating healthy. I wanted to share my journey with you, it has not been an easy road but it has been worth it. I hope this brings inspiration to your journey and you will join me as we learn and live a healthy life.

Thank you for joining me,


my youngest and I



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